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Health and Safety Guides

Welcome to our Health and Safety Guide. Here you can learn more about health and safety including why a health and safety certificate is important and typical hazards covered by a course.

The safety Training guide to health and safety provides a useful resource for everything you need to know about health and safety training. Click on the articles below to find additional reading. Also, find links to the different health and safety training programmers and how to access a course.

What Makes a Health and Safety Certificate Important?

Much like a food hygiene certificate (link to Food hygiene certificate page), a health and safety certificate offers benefits for both employers and employees. The training it provides, in a short period of time, is useful to help individuals understand basic health and safety principles and gives employers' confidence that their staff have been appropriately trained to do their job safely.
So how does a health and safety certificate benefit both employees and employers?

• Benefits of a Health and Safety Certificate for Employers

Health and safety is such a broad issue, ensuring that all staff have the correct training can be troublesome for many employers. There is also the matter of providing the right kind of health and safety training for different issues.
Health and safety certificates are awarded for different modules so employers can identify who needs what kind of training and enrol them on a course. The ability to manage staff's learning programme is also useful to find out who has the relevant training in what.

The health and safety certificates recognise training for different hazards such as working at height, fire and stress. All health and safety certificates are CPD certified to demonstrate a commitment to further learning.

• Benefits of a Health and Safety Certificate for Employees

Because there are numerous health and safety courses available, receiving the right level of training is of great benefit for employees.
The range of courses allows an employee to learn more if they wish and once the certificate is awarded this will stay with them to demonstrate a level of understanding of health and safety.
It is common to find many employees encountering different health and safety problems so having numerous health and safety certificates can ensure a strong level of understanding.

Common Hazards Covered by a Health and Safety Course

The typical working environment can pose numerous hazards to staff if the correct health and safety procedures aren't in place. Granted, a lot of things covered in a health and safety course rely on commonsense in the workplace but there are courses that specifically deal with serious and common hazards.
When it comes to food preparation, hazards like fires are a very real risk for restaurants, cafes or hotels. This is why, understanding what to do in the event of a fire and even measures to take to avoid such catastrophes, is so valuable. So let's take a look at some of the common hazards covered in a health and safety course.

Fire Hazards
Fires can prove to be very damaging and costly for a business owner. They are a very real threat to every business but especially those dealing in food preparation and catering. Operating extremely hot industrial ovens takes great care and attention. A fire safety training course focuses on measures to take to prevent such hazards occurring.

Electrical Hazards
It is rare to see a modern business operating without electricity. From computers to lighting and from machinery to heaters, there are many facets to a business that rely on the use of electricity. With this comes a potential risk to staff. An electric health and safety course deals with the potential risks of electrocution and measures to take to prevent such a hazard at work.

Height Hazards
Many businesses, particularly those with warehouses or providing a cleaning service, will operate at various heights. Working in such an environment poses a threat to staff's safety. This is why a health and safety course, designed to deal with working at height can provide staff with the correct level of training.

And you also find so many other courses on the health and safety training courses.

Covered courses

1- Occupational health & safety in engineering Course. (30H)
2- Fire prevention Course. (10H)
3- Scaffold safe erecting, dismantling & use. (15H)
4- Personal protective Equipment &hearing protection Course. ( 3H)
5- Confined Spaces. ( 6H)
6- Radiation Safety. ( 3H)
7- Equipment safety & inspection. ( 8H)
8- Cranes, Slings & safe lifting operation. ( 9H)
9- Electrical safety & Hazards. (10H)
10-Risk Management & Assessment. ( 3H)
11-Manual handling, spine problems &Working at height training.(6H)
12-Excavation & Trenching Safety ( 3H)
13-First Aid practical training. ( 3H)
14-Accident Investigation and prevention. ( 5H)
15-Professional Health & safety document controller. (15H)

And you can also do Train the trainers program for professionals so you will be able to instruct others regarding health and safety courses, all you need to do is apply and send your CV so we can evaluate you and decide if you can get the certificate or you required to take some advanced courses to reach the designated level.


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